It will serve to systematically and practically analyse the sector trends

Bilbao, 14.6.2017--- AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center has launched the AIC Benchmark project, a European initiative designed to systematically and practically explore sectorial trends via analysis and interaction with real cases of cars on the market.


In this edition, which will be held on 27th June, the analysis will focus on strategies for structural solution development, including bodywork, chassis and suspension elements. A2Mac1, ACICAE and AIC experts will be there, who will analyse car manufacturers’ policies in general and then give a breakdown on structural components of 3 cars with differential characteristics, i.e. Volvo XC90, Jaguar XE y BMWi3.


In this sense, we will have the physical parts of these cars which will be analysed comparing both, products technologies and concepts, and the technical characteristics, weights and materials used. The main aim of this session is to find out more about trends and evolutions in cars, their projection in different segments, characteristics defining them against the other ranges; and aid decision-making regarding market positioning.


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