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About AIC
AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center is a European center for the generation of value for the automotive sector based on an open innovation concept where companies improve their positioning through cooperation. Under a market approach, AIC offers services that improve the capacity of the automotive sector globally, integrating training, research, industrial development and new businesses under the same structure. At the moment, 30 organizations, of 9 different nationalities, and more than 950 professionals are located in its facilities.


The AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center is the culmination of a process of reflection with the aim of improving competitiveness within the automotive sector. To achieve this, a new model emerged that would address the challenges of the 21st century. In October 2006 a private foundation was set up to provide support and inject life into the Center. The founding partners were Bizkaia Provincial Council, Amorebieta-Etxano and Ermua city halls, the Basque automotive cluster ACICAE, ZF Lemförder TVA, Pierburg, CIE Automotive, Amaya Telleria and Microdeco.


The Center seeks to attract multidisciplinary businesses and projects and highly qualified professionals. AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center is managed by ACICAE-Basque Country Automotive Cluster and is located in Bilbao (Amorebieta-Etxano and Ermua). The Center is dedicated to creating value in the sector in various areas:
  • People, developing the best professionals.
  • Processes, pioneering advanced technologies.
  • Products, ascending within the vehicle development cycle.
The AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center focuses on:
  • Integrating all necessary capabilities, at local and international levels.
  • Implementing multiple independent, but complementary projects.
  • Working with the flexibility to respond to the needs of local companies as well as multinationals and vehicle manufacturers.


The AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center is a specialized global competence center whose objectives are to:
  • Stimulate sector knowledge.
  • Increase applied research related to the sector.
  • Promote training among automotive professionals at all levels.
  • Encourage the creation of new businesses with high added value in the sector.
  • Attract innovative projects.