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Innovation through action

Accelerating Innovation for the automotive sector
The identification and development of new business opportunities has been a constant need in any organization, being even more decisive in this current stage of transformation.

Sector under deep transformation

The automotive sector is undergoing the strongest transformation in decades. With three transformations coinciding in time (mobility + digital + energy) companies must rethink their current positioning.


This transformation affects all companies without exception, although the impact varies significantly depending on their activity. The identification of risks for current business lines, as well as the identification of new opportunities must be done in a structured and thoughtful manner.

Although the exploitation of business as usual is very absorbing, it doesn’t contribute to the necessary repositioning of the company to face the transformation

Traditional companies are generally more exposed to this transformation

The process of identifying new opportunities is especially critical for modest-sized companies.

Regardless of supply issues, raw material prices volatility,… there is a profound underlying transformation that must be tackled.

Operational excellence and cost optimization programs are necessary but not sufficient.

The cycles of the sector are long, it is necessary to anticipate in order to act in time and to instill the need for change in the organization.


AIC supports companies in the automotive sector through a structured methodology for the identification and development of new business lines:

  • For an agile but grounded identification of new opportunities.
  • Accelerating the materialization of these opportunities during their development phase.
  • Analysis of current business lines, products, technologies and markets. Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Estimation of the level of risk / urgency of the need for action.
  • Understanding trends both in the industry as a whole and in the product – technology in particular (by comparing trends between different regions and vehicle models) is vital to develop solid lines for the future.
  • Identification of main areas of opportunity in Product – complementary Technologies – Regions… pivoting on the differential competencies.
  • Focus on the main opportunity, specifying market size, potential customers and competitors.

Accelerating the materialization of the prioritized opportunities during the immediate development phase

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