BCC – Bike Competence Center – AIC – Automotive Intelligence Center

BCC – Bike Competence Center

An integral strategy for sustainable bicycle mobility
The Bike Intelligence Center leads an integral strategy for sustainable mobility in Bizkaia, in particular bicycle mobility, in collaboration with the automotive ecosystem and other agents interested in participating in the mobility transition already underway.

Axis 1.- Knowledge

  • Generate the ideal conditions for the creation and development of a user knowledge ecosystem around the bicycle, as a foundation for promoting sustainable mobility.
  • Generate specific knowledge in mobility & business intelligence for decision-making for all agents who wish to join or participate in this strategy, whether they are regional, local, or other types of institutions, both public and private.
  • Support the prioritization of smart and sustainable mobility pilot projects and the sharing of good practices, with the aim of defining challenges to promote mobility by bicycle.

Axis 2.- Industry, Innovation and Applied Research

  • Promote innovation and applied research around sustainable mobility and cycling (Research Centers).
  • Foster an innovative and business ecosystem around bicycle mobility that, through entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration, will enhance the capacities of the local industry and generate economic activity and employment (Entrepreneurship).
  • Promote and coordinate industrial alliances among automotive sector companies to face common challenges, potentially leading to new industrial projects that generate economic activity and employment in Bizkaia (Innovation, R&D, value chain integration projects,…).
  • Support the creation of a “Bicycle hub,” an innovative and business ecosystem around bicycle mobility, bringing together key public and private agents focused on sustainable mobility.
  • Accelerate the innovation process of any automotive company aiming to improve its competitiveness and address the new challenges of the energy transition.

Axis 3.- Training, Entrepreneurship, Talent and Awareness Raising

  • Promote training at all professional levels to enhance the knowledge, qualifications and employability in the field of sustainable mobility, particularly bicycle mobility, thereby improving their competitiveness and skills.
  • Develop knowledge and specialization around bicycle mobility in Bizkaia, transforming it into an international hub (attraction, presence, collaboration with experts in the industry,…).

Axis 4.- Positioning, Alliances and Branding

  • Promote the socialization of this strategy and the professional environment by organizing conferences on sustainable mobility and creating spaces for reflection.
  • Promote and organize events that connect Bizkaia with sustainable mobility.
  • Develop and establish as many alliances as necessary to achieve the Center’s objectives.
  • Work on branding activities to position the Center as a reference on sustainable mobility by bicycle in Europe.