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8D and PDCA methodology for automotive problem solving

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    8D and PDCA methodology for automotive problem solving

    The success and competitiveness of companies today are directly related to the quality of their products or services. This requires, in case of failures, the use of appropriate methodologies to solve the nonconformity. To this end, problem solving based on the 8D methodology in the production process in the automotive industry evidenced effective results such as the elimination of nonconformities, responding to customer expectations and providing financial performance.


    Prior to the training, a questionnaire must be completed in order to evaluate the previous knowledge of each attendee.


    April 27 from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00.

    At AIC Academy (Amorebieta-Etxano)

    LENGTH: 8 hours

    • To know the 8D format used in automotive and PDCA.
    • To understand the importance of solving the root of the problems.
    • To develop the 8 disciplines for problem solving.
    • To deepen the use of tools and techniques used in 8D.
    • To promote teamwork.

    Managers, technicians, internal auditors and professionals of the automotive sector involved in the quality management system. Personnel involved in problem solving, especially quality, engineering and production, purchasing.

    Table contents

    1. Presentation of the method: Why use a problem solving methodology? 

    2. Principle of operation: 8D and PDCA

    3. Case study of a common thread – problem definition

    4. Presentation of 8D and resolution

    • The 8 steps
    • Analysis of quality tools applicable at each stage
    • Resolution of the case

    5. Follow-up of the 8D

    6. Techniques for root cause analysis: Ishikawa and 5 whys.

    • D1: Formation of the team
    • D2: Problem definition
    • D3: Containment actions
    • D4: Root cause analysis
    • D5: Final solution
    • D6: Solution implementation
    • D7: Prevention
    • D8: Closure and celebration
    Price details

    AIC/ACICAE members: 420 euros (VAT not included)

    Non AIC/ACICAE members: 540 euros (VAT not included)

    A 10% discount will be applied from the second registration for those organizations that register more than one professional.

    A 15% discount will be applied on the total amount for early registrations (before April 19).

    (*) Material will be posted on the web. Meals are included.

    PAYMENT METHOD: Bank transfer indicating name of participant and title of the program.

    Holder: Fundación AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center Fundazioa 

    BBVA: ES48 0182 1290 3102 0150 6187 

    KUTXABANK: ES24 2095 0611 0091 0787 3466