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People Management in Project Management

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    People Management in Project Management

    Projects are the axis of activity of numerous organizations. There are standardized methodologies and techniques that, in most cases, are assumed in the organizational culture. The challenge is usually given by the optimization of performance, the fulfillment of commitments, the assumption of individual responsibilities and the interest of the project vs. individual interests. This workshop aims to facilitate the role of people management in the project’s time frame.


    June, 14th and 15th from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00.

    At AIC Academy (Amorebieta-Etxano)

    LENGTH: 16 hours

    • To understand the keys to lead a project team effectively.
    • To use techniques to identify the capabilities of the team members and thus adapt demands and challenges.
    • Establish criteria, indicators and methodology for evaluation, follow-up and improvement within the team.
    • Develop skills to mobilize and drive the team towards the objectives and commitments acquired.
    • Define communication strategies for constructive situations and situations of differences and conflict.

    Project Managers and potential Project Managers; Team Managers with a strong technical profile.

    Table contents

    1. Project Team Functioning.

    • Leading roles: service delivery and transformation
    • Team composition: balance, complementarity, and variety.
    • Capabilities of each person and capabilities as a team
    • Management of expectations and capabilities
    • Project coordination cycle
    • Management of team blockages. Solutions and alternatives

    2. Project Team Objectives and Performance

    • Definition of challenges and responsibilities
    • Objectives: definition and conveyance
    • Project indicators and Team indicators
    • Elaboration of Team Improvement Plans

    3. Relationships

    • Keys to effective communication, transmission of objectives.
    • The meaning of communication and its practices in a project team.
    • Error and deviation as opportunities and sources of learning.
    • Principles to apply motivational/affective communication.
    • Ways to approach feedback and positive communication.
    • Strategies and actions to deploy motivational and satisfaction factors.
    • Reinforcement techniques.
    • Ways to deal with conflicts.
    • Personal profiles in conflicts
    Price details

    AIC/ACICAE members: 885 euros (VAT not included)

    Non AIC/ACICAE members: 1.120 euros (VAT not included)

    A 10% discount will be applied from the second registration for those organizations that register more than one professional.

    A 15% discount will be applied on the total amount for early registrations (before June 2nd).

    (*) Material will be posted on the web. Meals included

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