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The Robust Factory: Zero defects and minimum variability

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    The Robust Factory: Zero defects and minimum variability

    The quality function as we know it in the automotive industry is facing a transformation caused by the increased level of demand, the criticality of assets, the complexity of manufacturing technologies and the digital ecosystem, which make it possible to develop a robust factory with minimum variability. This concept is the result of the integration of automation, technologies, management systems and people, with the aim of anticipating the appearance of defects, as well as optimizing the working conditions of the process. Making the robust factory a reality requires in-depth knowledge of the behavior and relationship of raw materials and processes, as well as the opportunities provided by technologies, digital tools and people for their management. This training action deepens on the challenges and scenarios that are presented to the quality/process function in order to focus on 0 defects.


    • The training will take place at ASF’s facilities.
    • Attendees will be able to interact with the quality solutions applied in the manufacturing line itself.

    October 25 and 26, from 8:00 to 15:00.

    At AIC Academy (Amorebieta-Etxano).

    LENGTH: 14 hours


    Attendees will be able to identify the main actions to go through in their companies at the level of robustness, both conventional actions for the minimization of process variability and those actions related to industry 4.0 for the predictive management of its quality.


    Managers and technicians related to the areas of engineering, quality, production, digital transformation and operations.

    Table contents

    Traditional quality:

    1. Effectiveness of the quality plan:

    • Focusing efforts on what is important.
    • First time through: robust diagnosis, standardization and training of people.

    2. Efficiency in quality control, increasing team capacity;

    • Optimized processes
    • Integrated partners
    • Basic digitalization

    3. Sustainability and process, deviation management and standards improvement

    • Targeted information and agile decision making
    • Analysis methods and tools
    • Action management: maturity level assessment.

    Advanced Quality:

    1. Keys to quality transformation:

    • Product quality assurance through process mastery.
    • In-depth knowledge of the process
    • Anticipation of the occurrence of problems
    • Traceability and traceability of the entire process
    • Increased people capability and decision making
    • Robust manufacturing with minimum variability

    2. ASF Practice: Knowledge generation through multivariable modernization

    • Practical team experience using the ASF line.

    3. Industry 4.0 application in:

    • Enabling technologies: inspection technologies, bit data, data analytics, machine Learning and simulation.
    • New operating model
    • Redefinition of roles and functions

    4. ASF Practice: Real-time process mastery

    • Practical experience in a team using the ASF line.
    Price details

    AIC/ACICAE members: 710€ (VAT not included).

    Non AIC/ACICAE members: 1.000€ (VAT not included)

    A 10% discount will be applied from the second registration for those organizations that register more than one professional.

    A 15% discount will be applied on the total amount for early registration (before October 13).

    (*) Material will be posted on the web.

    PAYMENT METHOD: Bank transfer indicating name of participant and title of the program.

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