1st Edition – Bicycle-Automotive Day – AIC – Automotive Intelligence Center

1st Edition – Bicycle-Automotive Day

  • Jornada Bicicleta y Automoción RRSS

    1st Edition – Bicycle-Automotive Day

    The rapid growth of cities and new consumption habits have brought with them important challenges related to mobility. Bicycle transport has long been a necessity in cities and territories. The transformation is drawing a new urban landscape in which the bicycle and the car have to coexist in an intelligent and complementary way to make the whole of sustainable mobility healthier, more economical and social.

    But this transformation is also an economic opportunity. The automotive sector, one of the driving forces of economic activity and employment in Bizkaia and the Basque Country, is a sector in permanent evolution, in need of continuous adaptation and transformation to the needs of the new times. Within this framework, sustainable mobility represents an opportunity and an essential challenge for the sector as a whole. Thus, the relationship with other sectors, such as the bicycle and railway sectors, is also considered key for the improvement of the competitiveness of the sector and of the territory itself.

    El rápido crecimiento de las ciudades y los nuevos hábitos de consumo han traído consigo retos importantes relacionados con la movilidad. Hace tiempo que el transporte en bicicleta es una necesidad en las ciudades y en los territorios. La transformación está dibujando un nuevo paisaje urbano en el que la bicicleta y el coche tienen que convivir de una manera inteligente y complementaria para que el conjunto de la movilidad sostenible sea más saludable, económica y social.

    Pero, además, esta transformación también es una oportunidad económica. El sector de la automoción, uno de los ámbitos tractores de la actividad económica y el empleo en Bizkaia y en Euskadi, es un sector en permanente evolución, en necesidad de continua adaptación y transformación a las necesidades de los nuevos tiempos. En este marco, la movilidad sostenible supone una oportunidad y un reto imprescindible para el conjunto del sector. Así, la relación con otros sectores, tales como el de la bicicleta y el ferroviario se considera también clave para la mejora de la competitividad del sector y del propio territorio.

    Hirien hazkunde azkarrak eta kontsumo-ohitura berriek mugikortasunarekin lotutako erronka garrantzitsuak ekarri dituzte. Aspaldi da bizikleta bidezko garraioa beharrezkoa dela hirietan eta lurraldeetan. Eraldaketa hiri-paisaia berri bat marrazten ari da, non bizikletak eta autoak modu adimentsu eta osagarrian bizi behar duten, mugikortasun iraunkor osoa osasungarriagoa, ekonomikoagoa eta sozialagoa izan dadin.

    Baina, gainera, eraldaketa hori aukera ekonomikoa ere bada. Automobilgintzaren sektorea, Bizkaiko eta Euskadiko jarduera ekonomikoaren eta enpleguaren trakzio-eremuetako bat, etengabeko bilakaeran dagoen sektorea da, garai berrien beharretara etengabe egokitzeko eta eraldatzeko premian dagoena. Esparru horretan, mugikortasun jasangarria ezinbesteko aukera eta erronka da sektore osoarentzat. Horrela, beste sektore batzuekiko harremana ere, bizikleta eta trenbideena kasu, giltzarritzat jotzen da sektorearen eta lurraldearen beraren lehiakortasuna hobetzeko.


    09.00 Reception

    09.15 Welcome

    • Inés Anitua – CEO, AIC
    • Jon Fernández – General Manager, Orbea
    • Ainara Basurko – Diputada Foral de Promoción Económica en Diputación Foral de Bizkaia


    09.30 Panel 1. VISION –Future Automotive and Bicycle Approach

    • Moreno Fioravanti – General Secretary, EBMA (European Bicycle Manufacturers Association)
    • Borja Arenaza – Business Developer, AIC


    10.15 Coffee break

    10.45 Panel 2. REALITY – Industrial Approach

    • Pablo Trujillo – Chief Supplier Chain Officer, Orbea
    • Eduardo Roldán – Managing Director for South Europe, Shimano
    • Marco A. de la Serna – Director of Strategy and Business Development, Mahle
    • Michel Peña – Group Technical and Engineering Director, Teknia Group


    12.30 Panel 3. FUTURE – Social Approach

    • Ineke Spapé – Expert and em. professor in Integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning, Breda University of Applied Sciences and SOAB Consultants (Netherlands)
    • Paul van de Coevering – Professor of Urban Intelligence and Mobility Planning, Breda University of Applied Sciences
    • Sergio Serna – CEO, TechFriendly


    13.30 Closing

    13.45 Lunch / Networking / Visit Phase 4


    Moreno Fioravanti – General Secretary, EBMA (European Bicycle Manufacturers Association)

    Graduated in Languages at Liceo Linguistico Internazionale of Bologna, Italy. Over 40 years in the two-wheels Industry.

    Collaborates for the Bike Industry in Brussels since the 90ies. Has been member of the Steering Committee at Aegis Europe in Brussels, collaborator of CONEBI (Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry) Epacs/PowerEpacs/Speedepacs Working GroupTeam in Brussels, Vice President & President of COLIPED (Comité de Liaison des Fabricants de Pièces et Equipements de Deux-roues des pays de la C.E.”, now part of CONEBI, ) in Brussels and Board of Director & Vice President of CONFIDUSTRIA ANCMA (Associazione nazionale ciclo motociclo e accessori) in Milan.

    He is convinced that the European Union is the best thing which ever happened in Europe.

    Borja Arenaza – Business Developer, AIC

    Executive MBA and M.Sc. Industrial Engineering.

    Throughout his 22-year professional career, Borja has developed his activity as Operations Manager, Digital Transformation Officer and Innovation and Business Development Director, leading transformation projects in industry, with a special focus on the automotive sector.

    Eduardo Roldán – Managing Director for South Europe, Shimano

    Born in Cadiz, Spain in 1971. He has a multicultural education: USA, UK, NL, IT, SP.

    Degree in Business Sciences at University of Cadiz. MBA Business Administration Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University.

    Eduardo has developed the position of Brand Management Procter and Gamble, Max Factor

    26 Years of experience in the bicycle market in Marketing & Management: Opening and conversion of offices.

    He has passion for sport and the sea.

    Marco A. de la Serna – Director of Strategy and Business Development, Mahle

    The beginnings of MAHLE SmartBike Systems take us to 2014, where the ebikemotion project arises as a SPIN-OFF in a small SME founded 5 years earlier and dedicated to software for driving assistance systems.

    Today, MAHLE SmartBike Systems has established itself as one of the star projects of the group and leaders of the eBike sector with more growth potential. From its headquarters in Palencia a large multidisciplinary team of more than 150 people in constant growth, addresses all activities of R+D+i, product and quality, managing the marketing and after-sales operations from its own network deployed worldwide.

    Our DNA, “Light. Sport. Smart” is still more valid today than ever in a project that excites us and allows us to actively participate in the mobility of the future.

    Michel Peña – Group Technical and Engineering Director, Teknia Group

    Michel Peña has been Teknia’s Technical and Engineering Director since 2019. His responsibilities include technology transfer between the Group’s plants, global process improvement, management of technological innovation and the Group’s investments and divestments.

    His career at Teknia began in the year of its foundation in 1992. Throughout his years with the company, Peña has developed different technical and management functions. His achievements in the company include the growth, development and internalization of the metal, machining and aluminum activities, as well as the creation and development of new technical directions by technology.

    Sergio Serna – CEO, TechFriendly

    With 20 years of experience in the urban development sector, he co-manages a multidisciplinary team that helps territories and public and private organizations to create strategic solutions for SMART CITIES, SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT, INNOVATION AND COMMUNICATION.

    He is responsible for institutional relations, strategic advice in the TECH Urban Agenda Advisory Council, the deployment of Urban Agenda plans at local, supra-municipal and national levels, as well as the design of conferences that are a reference in the sector such as TECH Cities.

    It also holds the Technical Secretariat of several collaborative networks for the promotion of innovation, such as the Innpulso Network.


    June, 1st of 2023


    1º de junio de 2023



    The objective of this conference is to present the possibilities to take advantage of the synergies between both sectors, the bicycle and the automotive sector, specifically understanding their particularities, analyzing opportunities for cooperation in areas such as competitive intelligence, introduction of new materials and components, development of the value chain, improvement of production processes, training and generation of talent, market development or brand positioning/image.

    El objetivo de esta jornada es presentar las posibilidades para aprovechar las sinergias entre ambos sectores, el de la bicicleta y el de la automoción, en concreto entendiendo sus particularidades, analizando oportunidades de cooperación en áreas tales como inteligencia competitiva, introducción de nuevos materiales y componentes, desarrollo de la cadena de valor, mejora de los procesos productivos, formación y generación de talento, desarrollo de mercado o posicionamiento/imagen de marca.

    Jardunaldi honen helburua bi sektoreen arteko sinergiak aprobetxatzeko aukerak aurkeztea da, bizikletarena eta automobilgintzarena, hain zuzen ere horien berezitasunak ulertuta, eta hainbat arlotan lankidetza-aukerak aztertuz, hala nola adimen lehiakorra, material eta osagai berriak sartzea, balio-katearen garapena, produkzio-prozesuen hobekuntza, talentuaren prestakuntza eta sorrera, merkatuaren garapena edo markaren posizionamendua/irudia


    This conference will bring together specific knowledge on the subject, of interest to various types of actors at regional, state and international level.

    • Companies linked to the automotive industry
    • Companies linked to the bicycle industry
    • Technicians and managers of municipalities and institutions
    • Transport consortium and operators
    • Cycling mobility associations

    Esta jornada reunirá conocimientos específicos sobre el tema, de interés para diversos tipos de actores a nivel regional, estatal e internacional.

    • Empresas vinculadas a la industria automoción
    • Empresas vinculadas a la industria de la bicicleta
    • Técnicos y responsables de los ayuntamientos e instituciones
    • Consorcio de transportes y operadores
    • Asociaciones de movilidad ciclista

    Jardunaldi honek gaiari buruzko ezagutza espezifikoak bilduko ditu, eskualdeko, estatuko eta nazioarteko hainbat eragilerentzat interesgarriak direnak.

    • Automobilgintzari lotutako enpresak
    • Bizikletaren industriari lotutako enpresak
    • Udaletako eta erakundeetako teknikariak eta arduradunak
    • Garraio eta operadoreen partzuergoa
    • Bizikleta bidezko mugikortasun elkarteak
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