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Advanced Electromobility Program – Hybrid format

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    Advanced Electromobility Program – Hybrid format

    The electrification of vehicles is an unstoppable process that needs to be known and managed, since we are experiencing an exponential growth of this trend. For this reason, AIC is launching a new edition of the Advanced Electromobility Program which aims to provide in a systematic and practical way, the keys to understand the electrified vehicle, the implications in each function of the vehicle and how to integrate it into the activity of each company. This pioneering program is especially designed for those companies that manufacture components for vehicles but want to understand all the implications in the vehicle as a whole and in its manufacturing process.

    This program is taught in Spanish


    Online: May, 13th and 17th, 2024

    On-site: May, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2024

    DURATION: 30 hours


    To facilitate the comprehensive knowledge of vehicle electrification to companies that are working in the manufacture of components for this market segment


    Professionals who are specializing in different areas of electrification.

    Table contents

    Introduction and basics of H&EV´s – online – Day 1: from 09.30h to 12.30h

    • Overview of the automotive sector
    • Factors for the introduction of H&EVs in the market
    • Barriers for the entry of H&EVs
    • Current market situation
    • Future trends


    Powertrain in the H&EV’s – online – Day 2: from 09.30h to 12.30h

    • H&EV Conceptualization
    • H&EV Typology
    • Alternative propulsion architectures
    • Powertrain characterization variables
    • Driving cycles: WLTP
    • Impact of electrification


    Electric engines – on-site – Day 3: from 09.00h to 13.00h

    • General Concepts
    • Types of engines
    • Electric engine design parameters
    • Selection of basic electric engine specifications
    • Controller (Driver)


    Kinematic characterization of the Powertrain – on-site – Day 3: from 14.00h to 16.00h

    • Description of powertrain components
    • Sizing of powertrain components
    • Study of vehicle performance
    • Electric vehicle driving characteristics


    Electronics and Control Systems – on-site – Day 3: from 16.00h to 18.00h

    • Main elements in ECUs
    • Communication between ECUs (CAN, Ethernet…)
    • ECU software
    • Programming languages
    • Types of ECUs


    Energy storage systems (vehicle)  – on-site – Day 4: from 09.00h to 13.00h

    • Battery Fundamentals
    • Battery Design Considerations
    • Battery electrochemistry
    • Current status of lithium-ion battery development
    • Storage system management and control mechanisms (BMS)
    • Battery sizing and packaging


    Vehicle Charging (infrastructure) – on-site – Day 4: from 14.00h to 18.ooh

    • Charging system
    • Charging modes ( depending on communication)
    • Charging types ( depending on connector)
    • Dimensioning of the charging system depending on Powertrain characteristics


    Integration in vehicle – on-site – Day 5: from 09.00h to 13.00h

    • Component Certification (ECE R100)
    • Electromagnetic compatibility
    • NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) requirements
    • Electrical Powertrain calibration, validation and tuning
    • Vehicle dynamics


    Electric vehicle safety – on-site – Day 5: from 14.00h to 18.00h

    • Physiological effects of electrical current on the human body
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Safety protocol for working on an EV
    • Maintenance of the electric drivetrain system
    • Repairing an EV
    • EV diagnostics
    Price details

    AIC/ACICAE members: 2.220€ + VAT

    Non AIC/ACICAE members: 2.800€ + VAT

    A 10% discount will be applied from the second registration for those organizations that register more than one professional.

    PAYMENT METHOD: Bank transfer indicating participant name and program title.

    Holder: Fundación AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center Fundazioa

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