AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, in collaboration with ACICAE-Basque Automotive Cluster, held the past OCTOBER 19, 2023 a new AIC BENCHMARK DAY, aimed at the exploration of vehicle manufacturing strategies. During this edition, the focus had been on the Toyota bZ4X, Tesla Model Y, Renault Megane E-Tech and MG 4 electric vehicles.

This year, the following components/systems were physically available:

  • E-Motor and Front Differential of the Megane E-Tech.
  • Toyota bZ4X front and rear E-Motors, Differentials and Inverters.
  • Toyota bZ4X and MG4 power modules.
  • Tesla Model Y HV Battery Pack and Cooling System.
  • Toyota bZ4X and Tesla Model Y front and rear axles.

As in other editions, other components from an extensive database were also available for on-site consultation and virtual browsing.

In addition to being able to physically see the parts, the event included a presentation with the participation of the A2Mac1 company where, among others, the following topics were addressed:

  • Market overview with special focus on electrification.
  • FCEV/HEV/PHEV vehicles from a technical and functional point of view.
  • Main BEVs and in-depth analysis of the Toyota bZ4X.
  • Battery integration, with a focus on BYD Seal, Tesla Model Y and Avatr 11.
  • Future trends in BEVs: powertrain modules, thermal management.

There was a lot of interest from the numerous attendees. Now the second part begins.