Analyze especially the aspects of the vehicle software

The AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center hosts today the high-level meeting that brings together a group of leaders in the digital transition of European mobility, particularly in vehicle software. The initiative is sponsored by the European Union – DG CONNECT and the automotive industry itself. This group of experts meets in person once a year in the member state holding the European presidency.

The purpose of the meeting is to maintain an open dialogue to align strategies, share collaboration schemes, and promote various European initiatives such as Chips JU, EGVIAfor2ZERO, CATENA X, and CCAM.

Some of the topics being addressed during the day include: Critical materials/components to ensure Europe secures the electronics value chain, along with initiatives related to decarbonization; Role of Artificial Intelligence; or RISC V processor strategy for automotive and its connection with Software-Defined-Vehicle.

On this occasion, the institutional part is represented by the Deputy Director General and Head of Unit of DG CONNECT. In addition, there is the presence of the Commissioners of the CHIP PERTE and VEC PERTE from the Government of Spain, as well as the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability, and the Environment of the Basque Government.

On the private side, vice presidents of various vehicle manufacturers such as BMW and major suppliers such as Valeo, Continental, or ZF represent the sector. This is complemented by the participation of major platforms related to digitization, electrification, and electronics such as EGVIAfor2ZERO, ERTRAC, EPOSS, or INSIDE, in addition to AIC.

Bilateral meetings are also taking place between DG CONNECT officials and leading Spanish automotive companies, such as GESTAMP, CIE Automotive, MONDRAGON Automoción, Grupo ANTOLÍN, and SEAT, to align positions in these areas.