From AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center and 4gune cluster of Engineering, Science and Technology of Euskadi, we would like to invite you to the briefing of the Open University Challenges included in the 4gune Company + University Call.

In 2018, the Automotive University Classroom “AIC Open University” is launched in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Basque Government, through the Vice-Ministry of Universities and Research. This Classroom aims to be a bridge between the university world and the business world, reinforcing the recruitment and preparation of young people, so that they can make their transition to the automotive sector in the most effective and efficient way possible, and bringing the generation of knowledge derived from doctoral theses and research projects closer to the market, in a practical and rational way.

In particular, 19 challenges have been presented for the 23/24 academic year. In order to explain in detail the objectives, scope and methodology of these challenges, we have organized an informative session at the AIC facilities (Boroa Business Park, Exit 100 Highway A8, in front of the Power Plant, Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia)). It will be an opportunity for students and teachers to get to know first hand the center where they will carry out the projects and resolve any doubts that may arise. The date of the information session:

Friday, September 29, from 11:00h to 13:00h.

Please confirm your assistance by writing to comunicació 

All information related to the Open University Challenges 2023/24 can be found at this link.